Fascia Simplified: Introduction to Fascialates Method 1

Saturday, March 14, 2020    1:30pm-6:30pm   $150.00

Register : Call 917.880.7666 or Register Online

Fascialates, FASCIA (Connective Tissue)

LATES (Living Anatomy Tension Energy Synergy)

Connect the missing link in movement integrity and expansion.  From levers to lines, understanding the dynamics of fascial force is at the heart of the movement paradigm shift.   A fluid-like net, fascia aka connective tissue synergy, beyond being a biomechanical regulatory system, is the link to movement integrity, and expansion.  

This Fascialates workshop is an intro to the connective tissue system as the path of force transmission and movement integrity.

Mindful movement insists that we expand our focus beyond the muscles and bones to what transmits the information to move them.

Come to learn how to move with a deeper awareness and enhanced stability sourcing the body's integration system. Through the synergy of the fascial system one can work towards restoring healthy tissue texture, hydration, glide and resilience. Fascialates works against stiffness and limitation by finding length and expanding strength.

Please bring your own mat and wear comfortable clothing

Geralyn Marchisello

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