Kathryn Heskin O’Halloran

Broken bones but not a broken spirit.

Being a mom did not stop Kathryn from her love of movement and exercise. Neither did a near fatal car crash in 1998.  Derailed by the accident and bedridden following a series of surgeries left Kathryn fearing she would never walk again. Time passed and Kathryn recovered with limited motion throughout, especially in her ankles and arms.  Back on her feet Kathryn was looking to move but found the old style did not seem to suit her, so she kept searching. Pilates mat!  That was it. Kathryn was hooked and with a good deal of mindful movement and patience her body began experiencing balance and flow.

Her restrictions lessened as she learned to move beyond the concept of stretching to exploring oppositional lengthening.  Her years of recovery from her physical injuries had taught her a great deal about anatomy.  Her determination brought about her recovery.  Kathryn found herself wanting more. Pilates apparatus! More movement, more flexibility, more joy.  And certification. 

Today, Kathryn is a certified Spine & Soul pilates mat and apparatus instructor whose clients benefit from her gentle yet deep movement style. Her awareness of limiting patterns underscores how she helps her clients move beyond theirs. 

Knowing that challenges need not limit us, Kathryn is devoted to offering her clients a deep, powerful and transformational movement experience.  Loving life, and as a mom herself, Kathryn has  trained in Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Pilates.   


Join Kathryn for a session and spread the word about her Pre-Natal and Post-Natal workshops.

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